sherry-lynn2I worked for thirty years as an ICU Nurse intimately caring for people and families while they faced some of the biggest crises of their lives, often at the end of their lives. I served as an ordained minister caring for the spiritual needs of a community for over a decade. I faced my own traumas and demons with the heartfelt and competent support handshake_small of many wonderful mentors and healers. My curious mind and sensitive nature inevitably led me on a journey to explore and understand the deep emotional, psychological, and relational issues facing us all.
Each of us is as unique as our fingerprint, and yet there are patterns and needs common to us all. The journey may be challenging but you will not be alone. Let this be your call to wholeness, to a greater sense of self and peace of mind, to joyful connection with others. I will be here when you are ready.
Counselling: Over 30 years in ICU combined with training and certifications in various disciplines of Psychotherapy, has prepared me for counselling and guiding you in your journey of change and growth.
Dream Group: It began with the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Interpreting dreams could be unraveled by those with certain powers and abilities. The dreams were translated into messages.mandala3-2014
MARI® Art Therapy: Art therapy combines traditional psychotherapeutic theories and techniques used help their clients increase insight and judgment, cope better with stress, work through traumatic experiences, increase cognitive abilities, have better relationships with family and friends, and to just be able to enjoy life.
IMAGO Couples and relationship: Counsel relationships that need better management or reconcile troublesome differences. Develop a healthier relationship and dissolve repeating patterns of distress
Voice Dialogue: Voice dialogue use words like pleaser, pusher, responsible, rebellious, earthy or spiritual. Which inner self is running your life?
Join us for our next Dream Group and IMAGO Workshops in Hamilton: Please click here.


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